Thursday, December 4, 2008

40% off Calvin Klein

40% off everything for 4 days only at the Calvin Klein website. Sale ends 12/07/2008. Easy returns via return shipping or in the store.

Dee is ordering a suit. Black, 2-button. Hopefully it's a score for us...if not, we'll just return. But still on the lookout for some great suits.

Went shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend...Burberry is calling Dee's name. Wasn't exactly from the Burberry store (which was more European cut), but it was Burberry from the Macy's Men Store (I call it US cut). Dee has wide shoulders, big biceps, and a big chest, oh, and he's 5'8". But I looooooooooooouvre the Euro cut...fitting jacket, slim straight pants...*drool* On a mission!


AmyJean said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know you are already in my Link Library... :) I love your blog !!!

.reese. said...

hehe. thank you for the blog love!

ChewyJ said...

hey reesey.. it's ChewyJ from theknot. If you like the Euro cut, I have to recommend the Paul Smith store. There's one on Melrose. FI bought his grey suit from them. All alterations were included with the purchase! The suit fits him like a glove. Though... they don't have an abundance of different styles/colors of grey suits. But FI loves his.

.reese. said...

sweet! thanks for the rec ChewyJ. we'll check that out. I was gonna page you your bio!