Monday, December 29, 2008

going back...

to when I started planning...a review and evolution of my wedding planning.


06.30.2007 - he gave me that beautiful ring above. we're officially engaged; decided on a 2-year engagement
07.01.2007 - started gathering ideas for wedding

Um..yea, I think I started planning right after I stopped crying from his proposal. Here's what I thought about wedding first.

I was thinking we would have a small and simple wedding. We were thinking destination wedding. Hawaii or Mexico. I started researching. And it started to sound like a pain in the a$$. The legal stuff, the guest list, our parents' idea of the was too much to handle.

I bought that dress...but the size 0 was waaaaay too big. I mean it had an extra 3 ft. I could stand on top of my bed, and it still dragged on the ground. I needed to find a different dress and plan for a different kind of wedding.

Where did your planning start? Did you go 180 on your original ideas?

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Miss Sapphira said...

Yup, I changed my mind a lot during the wedding planning as well. I think everyone does.

AmyJean said...

We got engaged on 4/4 (my dog's bday) and have a tentative date set for 3/6/2010... and i'm loving every minute of a long engagement - except that my venue won't let me book til 12 month mark and no sooner :( Other than that... the planning and going back and forth has been pretty fun :) but i do notice my initial assumptions of what i'd want vs. what i'm wanting now has changed


styleinspired said...

We've had a very long engagement too. I even went so far as to switch venues - craziness!

A. Auer said...