Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friends and Family Sale at Urban Decay!

Just got this in my email box and wanted to share:

30% off Urban Decay with code "FFL30" for one week only: 8/19 to 8/28.

You've got to stock up on the Eyeshadow Primer Potion! It's amazing!! No greasy lines or migrating makeup! If you're planning on doing your own makeup for your wedding, you need this!

I also love the XXX Shine Lip Gloss. I don't normally like the minty feeling, but this lip gloss gives off a shine that I'm totally willng to stand the mintiness.

Urban Decay does not test on animals, and they have lots of vegan makeup to choose from if you're vegan.

Not to mention there's 75% off everything on HardCandy.com!

Now, get to shopping! Enjoy!

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Tempting Weddings said...

I love your blog! i jsut added you on my vender list on my site! wow- too cool , i too love shopping- hope you dont mind. teresa

markessaxo said...

OK speaking of makeup...
I saw your comment on my blog re: Liz. Let me just take the opportunity to RAVE about how amazing she is! She also did all my bridesmaids and mom. I have had her do makeup for other occassions and she is just so talented! And probably one of the sweetest gals around! You will not be disappointed. Ok off my soap box and I swear this is not a paid advertisement! lol

.reese. said...

teresa from tempted weddings: i totally don't mind you adding me! thanks for reading my blog! love your work!

markessaxo: i totally believe you. her portfolio is amazing, and your entire bridal party looks great! i just asked liz if i could put down a deposit for my wedding date...hehe.