Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flower Power

Fi and I are minimalists...we love a simple idea that goes a long way. So in thinking about centerpieces, we want something that is simple and chic, but still stands out...oh, and not super expensive. So of course, I look to Queen DIY, Martha Stewart. She has some great ideas. Some of the pictures show more than what we require, but it's still fun to look at!

We'll be using round tables that have seating for 10 people each. Mirrors and 4 votives are complimentary. To maximize this look, I was thinking something like this:

Simple and easy enough so that I can have family and friends help out.

For flowers, I was thinking of Gerbera Daisies in oranges, peaches, and yellows. But I love love the look of poppies.

So I'm going to try for poppies first, and if it doesn't work out, I'd be perfectly happy with Gerbera Daisies. I think both flowers exhibit lots of power!

I also love the look of cylindrical vases of all sizes:

Photo courtesy of

Maybe I could stick 3 different sized cylindrical vases in the center of my tables.

What was/is your flower power strategy?

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Amanda Auer said...

your blog is amazing and making me laugh out loud!! i can't wait to find out where your wedding will end up!! :)