Thursday, March 12, 2009

centerpiece mock-up

Met with my uber cute prego coordinator, and she did a mock-up of what our centerpieces could look like!

Oh, and she left us with 4 checklists...1 about our flowers, 1 on invitations, 1 on our preliminary timeline, and another for Dee to discuss with the hotel coordinator.

Back to the we're (I'm) hoping for long banquet tables. The design my coordinator came up with was made for long banquet tables. I've voiced out our concerns about making the most of a small budget, and she was definitely ready to oblige us.

So a large part of the cost in the wedding is wedding decor. And one thing that can start to add up quick is flowers. I thought I knew what I wanted.

source: Martha Stewart

My coordinator would not have it though. And I'm glad I'm starting to listen to her. Yea, it's cute, and simple, but that's all. And remember how my colors used to be aqua and orange? Remember the table schemes she came up with? Well, I was super excited to see what she came up with for our now nude and plum theme. I told her that I really wanted to emphasize the nude...I thought it'd be cheaper. So she showed me this:

under natural light

We used the coffee table in my parents' house, so please excuse everything else. The linen will not have wrinkles, and there will be a little bit more flowers. This was just a mock-up!

with flash

Not bad right? She wanted it to look romantic and intimate while still fulfilling our need to keep within our budget.

She also showed me samples with a softer fabric:

in nude.

in blush.

The fabric would lay over some tulle for some volume, and there would be more fabric.

Then she showed me the tulle in pink, and I loved the way the color popped in photos!

under natural light.

with flash.

See how the color just pops. Now, these flowers aren't the ones we'll be using...these were only for visual purposes. We'll be using flowers in the purply-pink range. And hopefully, we'll be able to get long banquet tables, as the design will be continuous down the length of the table. If not, our coordinator has something in mind for round tables too.

What do you guys have in mind for your centerpieces?

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AmyJean said...

I love the candle floating in water. Gorgeous!