Monday, March 9, 2009

Paper cut

...the other the kind you get done at your local Kinko's (now FedEx Office).

We're going with A7 Himalaya pocketfolders, purchased from Paper and More in Taupe Brown Recycled. While the Paper and More does sell pre-cut paper to fit the pocketfolder, I didn't want to spend the time to find if they had the colors I needed and if the paper would work out with my Gocco (a Japanese screen printer). My local Paper Source was where I turned to. I ended up buying sheets in 8.5x11 in bulk. I was going to attempt to cut the paper myself, but I finally decided it wasn't worth it. Enter Kinko's.

I first called up Kinko's to get the specs. There are mixed reviews online about the finished work, so I was really scared. I ended up drawing out exactly how my paper should be cut (as recommended by the Kinko's guy I talked to on the phone), and I provided samples of my invite. The paper turned out great! At $1.49 per cut (doesn't matter how many pieces of paper), I thought it was a great deal for custom-cut paper!

our boxes of cut paper.

Here is the mock invite I left with Kinko's. I noted all the sizes of the base layer, the invite, and all the inserts.

I needed a base layer under my invitation in 4.5x6.5.

I chose Rhubarb in cover weight as the base layer.

I really wanted to maximize the use of all my paper. I had Kinko's cut 2 sets of 4.25x5.25 (accomodations card) and 1 set of 4x6 (invitation) on the Super Fine White Paper.

paper cut...

1 set of 4.25x6.75 (directions card) and 1 set of 4x6(invitation).

paper cut.

2 sets of 4.25x6 (RSVP card) and 1 set of 4.25x6.75 (directions card).

So I ended up with 2 sets of each size...enough to compensate for mistakes and such. And I was quite satisfied with the job that Kinko's did.

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