Thursday, March 25, 2010

styling for the petite and cleavage challenged

i hate that he kept saying "flat-chested." it just doesn't sound pretty. right?

before and after
watch the video here.

what do you guys think? abide by these rules? the outfit looks cute on the girl in the video, but the picture still doesn't do it for me. i dig the shoes though. and i love stripes, but boat neck? why doesn't she just wear a shirt that says "no boobs?"

i personally love deep v neck shirts, and i love accentuating my chest. why should i hide it? i'm happy with my body...yes, trying on clothes that don't fit me cuz i don't have the bust for it sometimes makes me sad, but i'm sad because these mass-producing designers and clothing stores feel they don't need to cater to those of us who are not at least 5'6" with a 24 inch waist and slender legs. that's okay...styling myself is a fun challenge, and i really get to show off my personality. i don't want to look like the masses at all.

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