Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Less than two weeks

is what we have...I'm feeling the pressure!

working on:

-seating chart
-tissue paper flowers a la Martha Stewart (pictures coming...promise!)
-buttons for our seating cards (will have pictures for that too)
-jewelry for my BMs (i have no clue what i'm doing)

also...i see why some brides drastically lose weight within the 2 weeks prior to the wedding. yesterday, after we came home from dance class, i had tried to complete some things off the checklist our coordinator gave us, and the next thing I knew, it was midnight, and i didn't eat dinner. =( i ended up having some cereal to make the stomach noises stop...but man...seriously, not enough hours in the day. i'm taking next week off from work to handle everything else wedding related. time is flying!

ooooo and today...we're getting our marriage license! as in..i have to leave right now to make our appointment!

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